Intrinsyx has earned a solid reputation performing effective project management, systems engineering and software engineering for space systems and payloads, and developing and deploying hardware, software, network and database solutions for flight, ground, communications and enterprise information systems. We bring a strong legacy of assessing and implementing new technologies, resulting in significant cost savings to our customers. We have strong skills & unique expertise in enterprise architectures, configuration and requirements management, process engineering and best practices, and a proven ability to perform collaborative research and technology infusion.


NASA, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Computer Sciences Corporation, Perot Systems, Battelle Memorial Institute, FAA, MITRE, Jacobs Sverdrup, Maxim Systems, ASRS, Orbital Sciences Corporation, Ciber and Hewlett Packard and DOD.


We have an in-depth understanding of NASA Culture. We have extensive experience working with NASA: Headquarters (HQ), Ames Research Center (ARC), Johnson Space Center (JSC), Marshall Space Center (MSFC), Kennedy Space Center (KSC), Langley Research Center (LaRC), Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and Dryden Flight Research Center (DFRC). We have expert knowledge of NASA Standards, Procedures and Life-Cycle Processes. Intrinsyx Technologies Corporation has consistently received high performance ratings on NASA Contracts (95 - 100%). We have capabilities and experience associated with the following projects:

  • Security Operations Center: integrating applications into Archer SmartSuite Framework, Software Development, IT Security, Technical and Project management
  • Next Generation Air Traffic: Data Warehousing, Collaboration, Sharepoint
  • Collaborative Work Flow Architecture Project in Support of Surface Operations Data Analysis and Adaptation (SODAA)
  • Constellation Data Systems: IT Architecture, Software, Development, Systems Engineering, Semantic and Ontology ModelingIT Security, Operations and Data Management
  • Other Projects - Integrated Systems Health Management (ISHM), Mission Control Technologies (MCT), Phoenix/Europa Mars Mission, Problem Reporting & Corrective Action (PRACA) : Requirements/Configuration Management, Process Improvement
  • Aviation Safety: Requirements and Configuration Management, Network and Systems Management, V&V, Architecture
  • Software Process Improvement Program: NASA Procedural Requirements for Software, CMMI, Process Development
  • Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA): Requirements and Configuration Management, Systems Engineering
  • Space Shuttle: Space Shuttle Life Sciences Payloads Development Ground Systems, Crew Trainers, Mission Operations
  • NASA Engineering Safety Council (NESC) at NASA/LaRC - Processes and Procedures
  • Distributed National Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA) Archive (DNFA) - NASA and FAA Collaborative Project to Collect Airline Safety Data, Systems Engineering, Requirements, Architecture, Verification & Validation, Systems Administration and IT Support
  • Space Station:
    • Flight Software, Ground Data Systems, Crew Training Simulators, Systems Engineering, Oversight - n support of Space Station Biological Research Project (SSBRP) - $1B Space Station Facility Systems Engineering, Flight and Ground S/W, Project Management, Process Improvement, Procurement Assistance
    • ISS Environmental Control and Life Support Systems (ECLSS) - Water Recovery System (WRS) - Final Verification and Compliance Analysis