Office Manager

Office Manger is a web based system that allows small service companies to automatically track time and expenses using a DCAA approved timesheet, generates invoices, payroll inputs and Income and expense reports. It also includes several HR functions such as a resume database, employee benefits and vacation balances, and performance reviews. It provides powerful features like customized project billing rates, manager's approvals, and reminders for incomplete timesheets. Office Manager's Report Center provides up-to-the-minute data in online reports. Some of Its Key features are:

  • Flexible Software Configuration: Office Manager allows great flexibility of configuring the software. It includes a comprehensive data for each employee, contracts, holidays, individual contract bill rates, salary rates and allowable vacation.
  • The Project-Smart Timesheet: allows ease of entries while tracking hours to contract and project charge numbers, and shows any changes made to an existing timesheet. Submitted timesheets are locked and available for managers approval. The timesheets show holidays and other buttons for navigating to different weeks.
  • Email Notification: Users can be automatically alerted via email when their timesheets are missing, incomplete, rejected or not submitted.
  • Payroll Inputs: Once all timesheets are approved, payroll data is automatically generated by click of a button.
  • Invoices: are auto-generated by selecting a customer and Invoice period.
  • Cost Tracking: allows entry of all income and expenses; Separates expenses into Overhead, G&A, and other business categories; generates income and expense reports and tracks the corporate G&A and overhead rates for government billing.
  • HR: module allows maintenance of a resume database, tracks employee vacation and sick time balances, provides an employee performance evaluation system, and lists company benefits.

The following simple demos show some key features used by an employee or the Administrator:
    Admin Section
    Employee Section