Capabilities & Background

We have capabilities and experience in Software Process Improvement. Our experience with the CMMI Level II assessment has provided a bridge for developing plans, processes and procedures for other projects. We served on the NASA/Ames Research Center (ARC) Engineering Process Group (EPG) and have valuable expertise with the latest procedural requirements and associated standards. We are experts in outlining and developing the required artifacts for a project using continuous or staged process improvement models.

Intrinsyx has utilized various software process improvement models and has been instrumental in achieving the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level-2 Assessment for the Space Station Biological Research Project at NASA/ARC. This was the first NASA project ever to be assessed at that level. As a direct result of that achievement, we were awarded a task order to support the NASA/ARC Software Process Improvement Center-wide initiative, giving us responsibility for reviewing, assessing, and assisting with implementation of software process improvement for multiple projects. Our experience in exporting that CMMI methodology and experience has included implementing pilot projects and conducting lessons learned studies. We have been instrumental in the day-to-day operation and management of the NASA/ARC EPG since 2002. Our high performance in this area earned us the 2003 NASA Ames Contractor Council Team Award for Software Process Improvement.

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